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The Department of Geography started its journey in 2003 and the Honours Course was introduced in the academic session 2007-2008. At present, the department occupies a well-known place in the University by dint of excellence in academic result. The Department of Geography possesses a fully air-conditioned Laboratory including 40 desktop computers alongside sufficient instruments, equipment and teaching-learning materials. Furthermore, all the classrooms in the department are well equipped with ICT facilities. The department has also a separate departmental/ seminar library. Presently, the department is enriched by 2 Assistant Professors and 3 State Aided College Teachers (SACT) with more than 150 students. The intake capacity of the department at present is 43 for Honours course and 50 for General course. Faculty members are actively involved in research, publishing regularly in several reputed academic journals in addition to presenting papers in national and international seminars and conferences.







  • Dr. Md. Ismail [HoD]

    Assistant Professor

  • Zubber Ahamed

    Assistant Professor

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  • Shri Bijon Paul

    SACT (State-Aided College Teacher)

  • Shri Mahesh Barman

    SACT (State-Aided College Teacher)

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  • Dr. Md. Monirul Islam

    SACT (State-Aided College Teacher)

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  • Shariful Islam

    Lab Attendant

Course Objectives

  1. Students will be able to define geography and be able to describe in details the various branches of geography.
  2. Students will gain knowledge about the whole world and its regions focusing on the physio-cultural landscape.
  3. Students will learn about the earth as a planet and they will know various geographical facts.
  4. Students will know about the importance of urban and regional planning in the present world.
  5. Students will achieve the basic knowledge about the geographical Information system and remote sensing.
  6. Students will be able to apply the geography to in the various field of the society.
  7. Students will learn about the interrelationship between man and environments
  8. Students will be familiar with information about the atmospheric phenomena such as global warming, green house gas etc.

What are Add-on Courses?

Add-on courses are short-term courses offered by the institution. The minimum duration of these courses is 30 hours. These courses are usually offered as certificate courses to provide students with additional knowledge and information which are relevant to their respective fields of study. Some of the Add-on courses offered by the various departments of the college are multidisciplinary in nature and are focused on ability and skill enhancement of students.


Benefits of Add-on courses:
1. Add-on courses help students gain knowledge about a broad array of disciplines.
2. Add on courses enhance students’ teamwork, communication skills and problem solving abilities.
3. These courses are also likely to significantly enhance students’ professional skills and employability.
Important Documents

Guideline for Add-on course for session 2022-23

Application Form for Add-on Course

Add-on Course Details for Session – 2022-2023

Study material of Sustainable Development in Agriculture (Course code- CC- 05 GEO-SDA)

Question paper of Add-On Course Sustainable Development in Agriculture


Result Analysis: 2023

Geography Hons 2023

The Department has an established Mentor-Mentee Program whereby each student is assigned a faculty from the Department as her/ his mentor.

This Program has been developed to ensure that the learning goals of the students are met alongside the upkeep of their overall wellbeing.

GEOGRAPHY-Mentor -Mentee List (2022-23)

GEOGRAPHY-Mentor -Mentee List (2021-22)

GEOGRAPHY-Mentor -Mentee List (2020-21)

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