Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an effective tool for obtaining and disseminating information from (and to) multiple sources to help learners acquire knowledge more substantially and efficiently. The use of ICT in teaching-learning has increased significantly over the years. The teachers of Dewan Abdul Gani College acknowledge the importance of blending traditional and innovative practices to enhance the learning experience of students. Teachers use laptops, projectors, microphones etc. in classroom teaching as and when required. Teachers at Dewan Abdul Gani College also use Power Point presentations. Microphones connected to speakers are also used when necessary. The Central Library of the College also provides students with computers with internet facility, enabling them to access e-books and e-journals through INFLIBNET. Teachers of some departments also used specialized ICT tools (e.g., Computer Science & Geography) to help learners acquire a better grasp of the subject.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ICT proved to be especially useful in the teaching-learning process. Teachers took online classes on platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom and shared e-content and study materials via Department WhatsApp groups and emails and uploaded on the institutional website and on Google Drive. Audio lectures recorded by teachers were also shared with students through email and WhatsApp during the lockdown period.

Students and teachers are encouraged to use ICT tools in teaching-learning. Students are motivated to share their work, assignments etc. on departmental WhatsApp groups. Teachers are also motivated and guided by the IQAC to develop quality e-content and study materials for the benefit of students.

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