Green Initiatives & Waste Management

The College takes pride in its green campus. To keep the environment of the campus clean and green, the College has taken the following GREEN initiatives:
  • encouraging students and staff to make "green choices" and take ecologically sound decisions in their everyday lives
  • powering self-sustainability drives, such as in-campus organic farming and encouraging student participation in such initiatives
  • promoting the use of biodegradable products and restricting the use of plastic in the campus
  • keeping the campus pollution free by restricting the entry of gasoline-powered vehicles inside the campus
  • conserving energy (use of LED lights, switching off electrical devices when not in use, etc.) and minimizing wastage of resources
  • managing waste effectively and recycling/ repurposing waste products whenever feasible
  • plant trees inside the campus and in the neighborhood community

In-Campus Gardening & Farming


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