Academic Policy

Academic Policies and Procedures
The following section contains academic policies and procedures that apply to the different departments of the institution offering UG courses:

General Registration Information
Students can register for UG courses, choose electives etc. through an online admission portal.

Leave of Absence
Students who need to take leave of absence (planned) should apply for a leave of absence (in advance) to maintain their good standing in the department.
In case of unplanned leaves taken for personal reasons, students need to inform their respective departments (vial phone or email). Students who take leave for medical reasons (for more than 3 days in a row) are required to submit a Medical Certificate from a registered medical practitioner substantiating the absence.
As prescribed by the affiliating university, students are required to maintain an aggregate of 75% attendance each semester in order to be eligible to take the end semester examination.

Internal Assessments & Examinations
Departments conduct continual assessments throughout the Academic Year. Apart from Internal &Tutorial Assessments and Semester Examinations, class tests, mock tests & presentations, quizzes are conducted regularly to augment the efficacy of teaching-learning.

Grading System and Requirements
The following grades have been assigned by the affiliating university:
CGPA 9.0-10: E
CGPA 8.0-8.9: A+
CGPA 7.0-7.9: A
CGPA 6.0-6.9: B+
CGPA 5.0-5.9: B
CGPA 4.0-4.9: C
CGPA 3.0-3.9: D
Not Qualified: F

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